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This is a friendly reminder that Ballarat Squash and Racquetball Association is committed to providing an environment of good sportsmanship and fair play for all of our playing members. We ask you to conduct yourself according to these guidelines at all times when playing, (or spectating) pennant:​

  • Please arrive and be ready to play promptly at the scheduled commencement of your pennant.

  • Please ensure you score / referee either the match before or the match following your match.

  • Please ensure all scores are recorded neatly and accurately.

  • Please remember to return all completed scoreboards to the office.

  • Players 19 years of age and younger must wear eye-wear that complies with Australian standards during their matches.

  • Please notify the club, as soon as you can, if you are unable to attend your scheduled pennant match for any reason whatever reason.

  • Similarly, please notify the club (as soon as you can) if you are going to be late for your scheduled pennant match so that we can notify your opponent or make alternate arrangements.

  • A fee of $12.00 per match is payable by a player filling in for pennant, (who is not a member).

  • Out-of-time matches are to be played prior to the commencement of the next round.

  • Please ensure you are playing your matches on your allocated court or a court not already allocated for someone else's match.

Please Note: Ballarat Squash and Racquetball Association does not tolerate any form of aggressive or abusive behaviour, on or off the court. Patrons who violate this directive will be asked to leave and a formal warning will be issued. BSRA reserves the right to escalate sanctions for repeat offenders or for serious violations. The above information can be found on our website: BSRA thanks you in advance for your understanding and for your ongoing support.


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