Club working bee / Club skill development weekend

Saturday's club volunteer working bee


In preparation of the huge event only a few weeks away, our club is pulling out all the stops to make sure we impress!

With a great number of squash and racquetball enthusiastic members we took some extreme measures in cleaning, sorting, fixing, and scrubbing through the whole of the centre!

There has been many years of documents, cobwebs in very high spaces, broken equipment, outdated gym equipment, sanding all the courts and remarking all the court floors!

The board of management, committee and management would love to thank all those wonderful kind people and their families for coming along and spending part of their weekend helping the club get through so so much.

Have a look below to check out some of the photos from the fantastic day.

Club development day

With the support of our State's association Squash & Racquetball Victoria, we had some very good coaching groups, train the trainer and junior development on the Sunday!

Giving a little back to the club, the leading state's junior development coach Gary Pederson spent Sunday 6th August at our club with some high level coaching. 

The day was split into a few different section's, all quite positive and a success from all sights. Kicking off with a 'train the trainer' style session helping make sure we have the skills to pass on to our newer players. Moving on to a group session where there were a few laughs and lots of different abilities in the group working together in a supportive manner. Everyone took something away from this, as we moved onto where Gary is really passionate about, the juniors! Spending almost 3 hours with the juniors of the club, he did some one on one, took them through some new skills, and set them up to improve on their own!

Thanks to Gary for coming, thanks to Squash and Racquetball Victoria for supporting this, and thanks to our club representatives who give so much to the beginners and less experienced players in our club for coming along and building their experience.

Check out some images from the whole weekend below!