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What is Sparks Racquetball juniors?

Our fun based program is named after Tom Spark, raised in our city having had a stellar career and most importantly always having time for kids, put a lot of time and effort into the youth of our club. Now, many years down the track, still running strong and now we find it being run by some of our clubs coaching staff and volunteers, this program builds skill, a team orientated competition and yes... is a lot of fun. 

The nitty gritty details about our program

  • Runs weekly on Fridays from 4-5.45pm through school term
  • All new comers receive a 30 minute fun coaching session to teach rules, build confidence, ability and friendships facilitated by our accredited coaching staff
  • Turns into a graded competition teams event after the coaching session if juniors ability allow
  • New juniors or those too young to get into the games given structured training and fun games with our training staff throughout the sessions
  • Playing in teams, children will learn to watch, support, score and referee their peers from strong supervision
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Sparx racquetball Juniors

We are really proud of our juniors group and how we run our program We believe it is really inclusive to all children from 7 years of age all the way up to 18 irrespective of ability.

It's all about the kids. Keeping kids involved in sports is fantastic especially when it can become really social.

Our aim is to encourage growth in young people from skills in a sport, team camaraderie, patience, respect and winning/ losing behaviours all in a fun and safe environment. 


Starting with a come and try day.. April 20th, 4pm

A structured development session from our high level coach and some fun games to kick off the new season! There's so much to like and our staff are always able to add new players to make new children feel a part of it.

Let us know you want to get involved or any further queries you have.

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